Nov 11

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — In honor of Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signed legislation approving the development of land benefiting homeless veterans in the city.  A community of tiny homes will be built based on the model created by the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin of Wisconsin’s Racine Veteran Village.  The tiny homes initiative will bring nearly 50 homes and a community center to the area of 60th and Green Tree Road.

Source: Mayor Barrett approves development of tiny homes for veterans in Milwaukee

Oct 02

I still live there—partly because rents in Oakland have surged more than 50% in less than a decade, and in a neighborhood where a typical one-bedroom now goes for more than $2,800, I can’t afford to move. I recognize the value of this type of tiny house, called an accessory dwelling unit or ADU, in theory. In built-up cities with little extra land and residents who fight development, adding tiny cottages in backyards is one way to help address the housing shortage. The small size saves energy and curbs my s

Source: Tiny houses are marketed as a housing solution, but I hate mine

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