Dec 28

But his family arrived in Los Angeles at a time of discrimination in housing and mortgage lending, which largely restricted black families to certain neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.Through a practice known as redlining, real estate agents and lenders marked these neighborhoods as areas undesirable for investment, preventing residents there from obtaining home loans.

Source: Black, Homeless and Burdened by L.A.’s Legacy of Racism – The New York Times

Nov 23

Now, a home buyer who purchases a single-family fixer-upper in an Opportunity Zone can tack up to $50,000 in rehabilitation costs onto the mortgage to purchase the property using an FHA-insured 203(K) mortgage program. Previously, the limit was $35,000.This new increase also can be used by a homeowner who wants to refinance a mortgage to fix up their home.

Source: HUD Secretary Carson visits Bristol Opportunity Zone – News – The Intelligencer – Doylestown, PA

Jun 02

San Francisco is an extreme example of a national trend among big cities: demand for housing far exceeds supply. Since 2010 new jobs in San Francisco have outpaced additional homes by a ratio of eight to one. Critics tend to blame the most visible side of the equation. Anti-gentrification activists have shot at tech-workers’ commuter buses with pellet guns and vandalised the whizzy electric scooters dotting the pavements. But they pay too little attention to the supply side. The city’s zoning laws are amon

Source: Can a new mayor fix San Francisco’s housing and homelessness problems? – Reach for the sky

May 15

The committee was taking public comment on the proposed Progressive Tax on Business, a fee on Seattle’s largest corporations to support homeless services. Last week, Amazon — the employer of more than 45,000 Seattleites that is on the hook for an estimated $20 million under the tax — announced it was pausing construction planning on a tower downtown and would consider renting some of its office space to other companies if the fee goes through.

Source: How Amazon Is Holding Seattle Hostage

Apr 25

Tenant-rights advocates say they have enough signatures to ask voters to repeal a 1990s law that sharply limits cities’ ability to impose residential rent control, potentially setting up a multimillion-dollar fight at the ballot box in November.

Source: Bid to repeal rent-control limits in California could be headed to ballot – San Francisco Chronicle

Apr 23

Although I envied them from my dark and squalid quarters, the San Francisco long-timers who lived in rent-controlled apartments were in situations nearly as precarious as my own. I met a musician who lived in a $600 rent-controlled apartment in the Mission. When I met her, she was terrified that her landlord would evict her and sell the building so that it could be rented out at six times the price to white techie colonisers such as myself. With landlords eager to cash in, formal evictions had increased 55

Source: How to get rich quick in Silicon Valley 

Apr 18

FREMONT — “Home is condemned. Enter at your own risk.”Those aren’t words you generally see on a listing for a million-dollar home. But they failed to deter buyers interested in one property in Fremont’s pricey Mission San Jose neighborhood.The decrepit three-bedroom, two-bath house on Bruce Drive sold late last month for $1.23 million, even though it’s uninhabitable. That seven-figure price tag, for a house described in its Redfin listing as “beyond fixer,” further highlights the intensity of the housin

Source: Condemned house sells for $1.2 million in Fremont – East Bay Times

Dec 21

“.Brookings Institution notes as early as the 1970s, middle-class income in the inner cities started to shrink more than anywhere else. Today, in most US inner cities, the cores are more unequal than their surrounding suburbs, noted geographer Daniel Herz.

As the failed American inner city experiment nears the latter stages before a collapsing point, a new report from Time could be the final nail in the coffin for some American inner cities, as the article suggests “cities have already reached ‘Peak Millennial’ as young people begin to leave.” 

Source: Exodus Starts: Millennials Ditch City Life

Nov 29

Help us make sidewalks more accessible, for everyone.

Source: Project Sidewalk

Nov 23

Republicans in Congress could eliminate the historic preservation tax credit — a tax break that helped Miami Beach rebuild dozens of Art Deco buildings.

Source: Congress could eliminate the break that helped Miami Beach’s Art Deco renaissance

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