Nov 20

In addition to the new bureau, Warren proposes a national right-to-council fund that would provide legal representation for renters facing eviction or other issues, a cause championed by other Democratic candidates as well. The plan would also establish a federal just cause eviction standard and a right to lease renewal, and create a national small dollar grant program that prevents families from being evicted because of financial emergencies.

Source: Elizabeth Warren housing plan updated to focus on renters – Curbed

Apr 23

You’ve heard those statements, right?“I’m sick of throwing money away on rent.”“Buying is always better than renting.”“Your home is your biggest investment.”I’m going to explain why these clichés are ludicrous. Preposterous. Outlandish. Nonsensical.

Source: Renting is Throwing Money Away … Right? – Afford Anything

Feb 24

I soon identified a dozen victims of Bachman’s, spread up and down the East Coast. Bachman, these stories made clear, was a serial squatter operating on a virtuosic scale, driving roommate after roommate into court and often from their home. But Bachman wasn’t a typical squatter in that he did not appear especially interested in strong-arming his way to free rent (although he often granted himself that privilege); instead, he seemed to relish the anguish of those who had taken him in without realizing that they would soon be pulled into a terrifying battle for their home. Nothing they did could satisfy or appease him, because the objective was not material gain but, seemingly, the sadistic pleasure of watching them squirm as he displaced them.

Source: Jamison Bachman, the Worst Roommate Ever

Jan 27

“The same logic should apply to the rental market because all tenants are different,” Lubinsky said. “If the likelihood that you will damage the place is very small and you have a good rental history, you should be rewarded by not having as high a rental deposit as somebody else.”

Source: Rentberry to Introduce Blockchain For Home Rental Deposit Market » Dallas Innovates

Nov 29

LeaseLock is hoping to do away with the need for security deposits in order to help renters gain approval while insuring property managers for losses due

Source: LeaseLock wants to eliminate security deposits with insurance for property managers – RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

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