Jan 23

Source: Opinion | I Helped Expose the Lead Crisis in Flint. Here’s What Other Cities Should Do. – The New York Times


Flint is an extreme case but not unique. A troubling number of cities across the country — Pittsburgh, Chicago, Portland, Ore. — are struggling with elevated lead in their drinking water. It’s one of the legacies of the profit-driven and largely unaccountable lead industry that thwarted science, fought regulations and forced its use in our gasoline, paint and plumbing.

Nov 17

Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Linda Jennings ruled the city’s first lead law unconstitutional in June, 2018, saying it discriminated against owners of smaller rentals because it only required some rental properties — those with one to four units — and home child care centers built before 1978 to be tested. She also said city government did not have the authority to grant enforcement powers to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Source: Appeals court hears arguments over Toledo lead law | Toledo Blade

Nov 05

But New Orleans pipe records haven’t been updated since the early 1990s — long before Hurricane Katrina and the extensive street repairs and pipe replacements that followed. The water board wasn’t testing only homes with lead pipes as required by federal law, the report found, because it didn’t know where those lead pipes were. The water board’s “incomplete and unreliable information on the locations of lead service lines left it unable to alert citizens who might be at risk of exposure to lead in tap wate

Source: New Orleans Has Been Hiding An Alarming Report About Lead In The City’s Water

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