Nov 22

“Finally, the evidence is fairly clear that residence restrictions are not effective,” the report noted. “In fact, the research suggests that residence restrictions may actually increase offender risk by undermining offender stability and the ability of the offender to obtain housing, work, and family support. There is nothing to suggest this policy should be used at this time.” Jill Levenson, a Barry University professor of sociology who conducted a similar study the same year, reached virtually the same

Source: Miami uproots sex offender camp, reviving debate about harsh law | Miami Herald

Nov 08

(CNN)In an attempt to get homeless people off city streets, the Las Vegas City Council has passed an ordinance that makes it a crime to camp or sleep on a city sidewalk. Supporters of the ordinance, which passed 5-2 on Wednesday, say it’s an attempt to push the more than 6,500 homeless people and families in southern Nevada into homeless shelters while also protecting the health and safety of the community.

Source: Las Vegas votes to make it a crime to sleep on city sidewalks – CNN

Nov 07

How did we get here? Simply put, bad government—from outdated zoning laws to a 40-year-old tax provision that benefits long-time homeowners at the expense of everyone else—has created a severe shortage of houses. While decades in the making, California’s slow-moving disaster has reached a critical point for state officials, businesses and the millions who are straining to live there.

Source: California’s Affordable Housing Crisis: Why Prices Are So High and How to Solve It

Nov 04

Apple’s commitment includes $1 billion in affordable housing investments, $1 billion in mortgage assistance for first-time homebuyers, and $300 million worth of Apple land opened up to affordable housing projects.

Source: Apple Commits $2.5 Billion to Fight California Housing Crisis – MacRumors

May 15

The committee was taking public comment on the proposed Progressive Tax on Business, a fee on Seattle’s largest corporations to support homeless services. Last week, Amazon — the employer of more than 45,000 Seattleites that is on the hook for an estimated $20 million under the tax — announced it was pausing construction planning on a tower downtown and would consider renting some of its office space to other companies if the fee goes through.

Source: How Amazon Is Holding Seattle Hostage

Apr 25

Under this assumption, Barron et al. find that the true impact of Airbnb on rents is very small. A 1 percent increase in Airbnb listings, they found, raises rents by only 0.018 percent. That’s a minuscule effect. It means that doubling the number of Airbnb listings would raise rent by less than 2 percent overall. The effect is so small that in their presentation at the American Economic Association meeting in January, the authors referred to it as a “zero effect on rental rates” overall (though the effect i

Source: Airbnb Plays a Minuscule Role in Rising City Rents – Bloomberg

Mar 25

Advocates for greater investments in mental health are urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York state lawmakers to set aside more money for housing for people with mental illness.

Source: Mental health advocates push for more housing in NY | Miami Herald

Mar 24

The L.A. City Council is continuing to grapple with a housing shortage which has spiked rents and sent more people into homelessness.

Source: LA Considers Ambitious Proposal To Provide Housing For Every Homeless Person

Feb 26

It is neither desirable nor morally acceptable to blithely tolerate a level of destitution more commonly associated with Calcutta or Sao Paolo.

Source: Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis is a national disgrace

Feb 13

“After talking to some of the homeless vets, we realized they refused to go into that communal living,” says Stout. “They were like, ‘you know we’re not going into that shelter living.’ The consensus was they need their own space.” Someone suggested building tiny houses. “I said, ‘what the hell is a tiny house,'” jokes Stout.

Source: Tiny homes offer big benefits for military veterans – CNN

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