Nov 17

It’s an industry that has no regulation, but a huge impact on the lives of those living with disabilities. Families in their most desperate hour say they turned to a local company for a trained service animal, they say they spent thousands of dollars and now just have expensive pets.

Source: Families claim they paid thousands for service animal and got expensive pet

May 29

Paid-for “certification” of service animals — bought online or anywhere else — never passed the smell test, and now it doesn’t pass the legal test in Oklahoma.

Source: Renters, don’t falsify your pit bull as a ‘service animal’ in Oklahoma

Mar 29

The confusing issue and definitions of service animal, assistance and emotional support animals is the focus of the Grace Hill Training Tip of the Week

Source: Confused Over Service, Assistance And Emotional Support Animals?

Mar 01

“While service and assistance animals are mostly utilized appropriately by tenants in need of such animals, many others take unfair advantage … sidestepping no-pet policies,” said Koenig. Websites, for example, are readily available that allow individuals to print off certificates verifying a pet is an assistance animal when the pet is not trained as such, he said.

Source: Service animal standards bill goes to Senate – ABC 36 News

Jan 24

The popularity of pet-friendly apartments has led to development of dubious services on the Internet designed to get owners out of paying high pet fees. The services allow people to obtain phony dog service certification deeming the animal an “emotional support pet,” a designation that not only exempts owners from pet fees but often grants the animal access to rentals that are not pet friendly.

The problem with such efforts is they are sparking more scrutiny from landlords and more calls for increased regu

Source: Popularity of pet-friendly rentals sparks growth in dubious online services – The Washington Post

Jan 13

Joining a handful of other states, New York recently enacted a state law making it a criminal offense to misrepresent that someone has a service or emotional support animal. The new statute, effective December 18, 2017, makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly misidentify a dog as a guide, service, therapy, or hearing dog. Violation of the law could result in a fine of up to $100 and up to 15 days in jail.

Source: New York Passes Law to Criminalize Fraudulent Assistance Animal Requests | Fair Housing Defense

Jan 03

The ADA and FHA protect the rights of the disabled in different places. Title III of the ADA* is designed to make sure that disabled individuals have access to the goods and services sold by every kind of business that is open to the public** except residential sales and rentals. The FHA, on the other hand, is intended to make sure disabled individuals have equal access to housing.

Source: Weapons of Mass Confusion – meet the ADA and FHA.

A very informative post about the intersection of and differences between the ADA and the FHA.


Dec 30

Arizona is considering a law allowing judges to impose fines on people who knowingly misrepresent service animals.

Source: What Is A Service Animal? More States Join The Debate

Nov 24

A Minnesota family paid thousands of dollars for a service dog to save their little boy’s life. But they say the dog growls, lunges and can’t be taken out in public.

Source: Family says they paid $15K for badly trained service dog

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