Dec 06

In recent years there has been a growing cohort of people who, worried about what might happen to their pets locked in the cargo bay for a two-hour flight, have been exploiting loopholes meant to help disabled people, all so they can travel with their pets onboard flights without putting them in a crate. These are not “service animals,” a truly important class of animals that have been trained to help disabled individuals with specific needs, animals that follow specific government guidelines to comply with

Source: If It’s Not a Service Animal, Leave Your Pet at Home, You Monsters – Mother Jones

Nov 17

It’s an industry that has no regulation, but a huge impact on the lives of those living with disabilities. Families in their most desperate hour say they turned to a local company for a trained service animal, they say they spent thousands of dollars and now just have expensive pets.

Source: Families claim they paid thousands for service animal and got expensive pet

May 29

Paid-for “certification” of service animals — bought online or anywhere else — never passed the smell test, and now it doesn’t pass the legal test in Oklahoma.

Source: Renters, don’t falsify your pit bull as a ‘service animal’ in Oklahoma

Apr 01

THE OFFICE OF Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was designed to confront discrimination, segregation, and poverty. Instead, under the Trump administration, the agency is gearing up to confront a much stranger boogeyman: The emotional support snake.

Source: Donald Trump’s Civil Rights Office for Housing Has Found the Real Problem: Pets

Mar 31

South Dakota tenants who lie about having a disability to keep a pet in their rental unit will be subject to eviction and fees beginning in July.

Source: Emotional support animals: S.D. landlords can crack down under new law

Mar 29

The confusing issue and definitions of service animal, assistance and emotional support animals is the focus of the Grace Hill Training Tip of the Week

Source: Confused Over Service, Assistance And Emotional Support Animals?

Mar 01

“While service and assistance animals are mostly utilized appropriately by tenants in need of such animals, many others take unfair advantage … sidestepping no-pet policies,” said Koenig. Websites, for example, are readily available that allow individuals to print off certificates verifying a pet is an assistance animal when the pet is not trained as such, he said.

Source: Service animal standards bill goes to Senate – ABC 36 News

Mar 01

This week’s news is a year old, but very important for apartment owners and managers confronted by the increasing flood of fake emotional support animal requests.*

Source: Fighting fake ESA’s – Guidance on what constitutes reliable evidence of disability

Feb 05

All the while, people told themselves they weren’t doing anything wrong. (How often have you heard a version of, “My pet is friendly and harmless”?) But people weren’t thinking about the collective cost of their actions — about the many children afraid of sitting next to a dog, about travelers with serious allergies, about flight attendants charged with keeping cabins safe and, most of all, about truly disabled travelers.

Source: It’s Time to End the Scam of Flying Pets – The New York Times

Jan 27

Dogs, cats, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, hamsters, marmots, even iguanas? No, you haven’t wandered into a zoo or a pet shop. This is an airline cabin, and those aren’t pets; they’re emotional support animals.

Source: Another View: Delta’s smart move to bar phony support animals

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