Dec 28

But his family arrived in Los Angeles at a time of discrimination in housing and mortgage lending, which largely restricted black families to certain neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.Through a practice known as redlining, real estate agents and lenders marked these neighborhoods as areas undesirable for investment, preventing residents there from obtaining home loans.

Source: Black, Homeless and Burdened by L.A.’s Legacy of Racism – The New York Times

Dec 06

In recent years there has been a growing cohort of people who, worried about what might happen to their pets locked in the cargo bay for a two-hour flight, have been exploiting loopholes meant to help disabled people, all so they can travel with their pets onboard flights without putting them in a crate. These are not “service animals,” a truly important class of animals that have been trained to help disabled individuals with specific needs, animals that follow specific government guidelines to comply with

Source: If It’s Not a Service Animal, Leave Your Pet at Home, You Monsters – Mother Jones

Nov 26

In one of the most concentrated investigations of discrimination by real estate agents in the half century since enactment of America’s landmark fair housing law, Newsday found evidence of widespread separate and unequal treatment of minority potential homebuyers and minority communities on Long Island.

Source: Undercover investigation reveals evidence of unequal treatment by Long Island real estate agents

Nov 20

In addition to the new bureau, Warren proposes a national right-to-council fund that would provide legal representation for renters facing eviction or other issues, a cause championed by other Democratic candidates as well. The plan would also establish a federal just cause eviction standard and a right to lease renewal, and create a national small dollar grant program that prevents families from being evicted because of financial emergencies.

Source: Elizabeth Warren housing plan updated to focus on renters – Curbed

Nov 18

Single-family zoning not only segregates people by race and class, but also artificially increases prices and hurts the environment. By outlawing the construction of duplexes, triplexes, and other multifamily units, single-family zoning artificially constrains the housing supply, driving up prices by government fiat. “When you have demand that is sky-high, and you don’t have the supply to keep up with it, prices rise. Rents rise,” noted Minneapolis’s mayor, Jacob Frey.

Source: How Minneapolis Defeated NIMBYism – The Atlantic

Nov 17

According to a lawsuit filed in 2014 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District in Brooklyn, Sand Castle representatives told the agency’s staff that tenants with a criminal history could “scare” employees and should be considered a “red flag” to management.

Source: Landlords Who Denied Ex-Convicts Settle Landmark Housing Case

Nov 17

It’s an industry that has no regulation, but a huge impact on the lives of those living with disabilities. Families in their most desperate hour say they turned to a local company for a trained service animal, they say they spent thousands of dollars and now just have expensive pets.

Source: Families claim they paid thousands for service animal and got expensive pet

Nov 03

San Francisco City Attorney announces a $245,000 settlement of a lawsuit filed against Lem-Ray Properties for allegedly discriminating against low-income tenants by refusing to accept government housing vouchers. As part of the settlement, Lem-Ray agreed to court oversight to ensure they comply with the Federal Housing Act and also to advertise to prospective tenants that they accept Section 8 vouchers.

Source: City Attorney Herrera wins $245K settlement in low-income tenant discrimination case – The San Francisco Examiner

Oct 22

HUD has now issued the Proposed Rule expressly to conform the 2013 Rule to the Inclusive Communities decision; as stated in the preamble, the proposed amendments are “intended to bring HUD’s disparate impact rule into closer alignment with the analysis and guidance provided in Inclusive Communities as understood by HUD.” The HUD press release accompanying the Proposed Rule adds: “The HUD proposed disparate impact rule provides a framework for establishing legal liability for facially neutral practices that

Source: HUD Proposed Amendments to Disparate Impact FHA Regulation

Oct 06

It’s important to note that this guidance does not affect all kinds of speech: The law covers workplace harassment, tenants’ rights, and public accommodation. Merely calling someone an illegal alien on the street, or threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement on them, would not be illegal.

Source: New York City Declares Using the Term ‘Illegal Alien’ Can Result in a $250,000 Fine –

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