Dec 04

NEW YORK – Boston resident Rachel Valerio thought her $90-a-night Airbnb apartment in Manhattan was a good deal until she realized she had booked an apartment in a New York City Housing Authority complex.The apartment was reportedly highly rated on Airbnb in Chelsea.

Source: Airbnb rental turns out to be public housing apartment | FOX 5 New York

Nov 30

City officials have cited nearly 200 addresses — from Seaport apartment towers to handsome Back Bay brownstones to modest two-families in Roslindale — for breaking new rules that effectively ban landlords from renting apartments by the night to tourists on platforms like Airbnb.

Source: Boston’s tough rules governing Airbnb rentals are finally in full effect – The Boston Globe

Nov 02

Airbnb is cracking down on unauthorized house parties after five people were shot and killed at a Halloween party at an Airbnb rental house, the company’s CEO announced Saturday,The company is banning “party houses,” CEO Brian Chesky announced Saturday on Twitter, in reference to Thursday evening’s shooting.The company will be “redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events we saw in Orinda,” he wrot

Source: Airbnb bans “party houses” – CNN

Nov 01

The bad news, which went unstated, was that I had unknowingly stumbled into a nationwide web of deception that appeared to span eight cities and nearly 100 property listings—an undetected scam created by some person or organization that had figured out just how easy it is to exploit Airbnb’s poorly written rules in order to collect thousands of dollars through phony listings, fake reviews, and, when necessary, intimidation. Considering Airbnb’s lax enforcement of its own policies, who could blame the scamme

Source: I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb – VICE

Nov 01

The ordinance in question allows homeowners who are on-site to share their home 365 days a year but calls for an annual 60-day cap for short-term rentals if the property owner is not on-site. It prohibits short-term rentals in buildings with more than four units unless the owner is present and phases out existing short-term rental contracts in those buildings by Jan. 1, 2021. The law also prohibits renters from serving as short-term rental hosts.

Source: Jersey City advocacy group endorses effort to vote ‘yes’ on Airbnb regulations –

Oct 09

Miami Beach is on the ropes again in the city’s seemingly never-ending battle with Airbnb. On Monday, a Miami-Dade circuit judge struck down the city’s law that fines homeowners $20,000 for illegally renting their places short term on sites such as Airbnb. The city said Tuesday that it would appeal.

Source: Miami Beach’s $20,000 short-term rental fines ruled illegal | Miami Herald

Jul 13

A local case between vacation rental platform Airbnb and one of the nation’s largest residential property landlords, Aimco, will move forward after a Miami judge ruled against throwing the lawsuit out this week. Aimco sued Airbnb in February 2017 for allegedly failing to stop its users from subletting apartments at three rental buildings in Miami and Miami Beach: The 471-unit Bay Parc Plaza Apartments at 1756 North Bayshore Dr. in Miami, and the 614-unit Flamingo North Tower and 515-unit Flamingo Center To

Source: Judge won’t dismiss Aimco lawsuit against Airbnb in Miami FL | Miami Herald

Jun 30

After more than two years of imposing the country’s highest short-term rental fines, Miami Beach is being sued. Miami Beach resident Natalie Nichols, who has managed short-term rentals for more than a decade, sued the city Wednesday seeking a permanent injunction to stop Miami Beach from handing out $20,000 fines to residents found renting their properties on home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway. It is the first lawsuit against the city regarding its short-term rental fines, Miami Beach confirme

Source: Miami Beach sued for high short-term rental, Airbnb fines | Miami Herald

May 04

The cost of Airbnb to New York renters: $616 million.That’s the conclusion of a new report by city Comptroller Scott Stringer that details the home-sharing website’s impact on housing affordability from 2009 to 2016. It’s no secret to New Yorkers that leasing costs skyrocketed during the time. But to isolate the Airbnb effect, Stringer’s office compared the growth in what rents would have been without listings on the site to what they actually were. Airbnb Inc. disputed the study’s findings, calling them

Source: NYC Renters Paid Extra $616 Million Thanks to Airbnb, Study Says – Bloomberg

Apr 25

Under this assumption, Barron et al. find that the true impact of Airbnb on rents is very small. A 1 percent increase in Airbnb listings, they found, raises rents by only 0.018 percent. That’s a minuscule effect. It means that doubling the number of Airbnb listings would raise rent by less than 2 percent overall. The effect is so small that in their presentation at the American Economic Association meeting in January, the authors referred to it as a “zero effect on rental rates” overall (though the effect i

Source: Airbnb Plays a Minuscule Role in Rising City Rents – Bloomberg

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