Jan 23

Source: Opinion | I Helped Expose the Lead Crisis in Flint. Here’s What Other Cities Should Do. – The New York Times


Flint is an extreme case but not unique. A troubling number of cities across the country — Pittsburgh, Chicago, Portland, Ore. — are struggling with elevated lead in their drinking water. It’s one of the legacies of the profit-driven and largely unaccountable lead industry that thwarted science, fought regulations and forced its use in our gasoline, paint and plumbing.

Jan 09

As the city experiences a new wave of gentrification, businesses are shuttering – and nothing is replacing them

Source:  Adrian Daub | Opinion | The Guardian

Jan 08

Senior citizen suspect Robert Thomas was upset about flooding in his unit, so he pulled out a gun.

Source: Video shows Las Vegas man, 93, open fire on apartment maintenance worker

Jan 05

“I think it’s part of a broader contempt that government officials have for renters,” he continues. “A lot of it is aimed at pushing landlords out as well. A lot of cities are hostile towards rental properties and their ‘less desirable’ occupants [compared to] owner occupants. Both sides of the transaction are being punished.”

Source: Crime-Free Housing Ordinances Are Spreading, but Some Groups Are Fighting Back – Next City

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