Sep 28

Rose Adams, who was elected head of an Annie Coleman 14 tenants group, said the county representatives did not explain why Miami-Dade had suddenly concluded crime was too dangerous for tenants to remain. “We’ve been living in these conditions for all this time,” said Adams, who has lived at the complex since 2013, sharing an apartment with her son, daughter and a grandson. “We’re not understanding the urgency and the emergency.”

Source: Miami-Dade closing public housing complex over crime, decay | Miami Herald

Sep 28

The New York Times article made it more difficult for those who are getting communities engaged for the first time in decades around Opportunity Zones. The original title of this story was going to be “Why The New York Times Is Wrong On Opportunity Zones.” However, what became more compelling than an attention-grabbing title was to provide exposure and instruction over time on how to do Opportunity Zones right.

Source: How To Do Opportunity Zones Right: Tell The Whole Truth

Sep 28

That fall, anti-growth initiatives were on ballots across the state. Most succeeded. Aside from enacting specific policies to slow development, they sent a message to elected officials: Approve new building projects at your peril. The result, three decades later, is a housing crisis.

Source: How I Caused California’s Housing Crisis – Bloomberg – Medium

Sep 27

After reviewing the latest guidance issued on the Opportunity Zone program, it’s clear that the IRS is taking serious steps to help provide the clarity the investment community has been seeking.

Source: Exploring Opportunity Zones: Part II

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