Jul 25

Offshore owners of British property will be forced to reveal their true identities or face jail sentences and unlimited fines under draft laws that aim to end the UK’s reputation as a high-risk jurisdiction for money laundering. The legislation follows years of scandals involving the acquisition of high-value UK property by offshore companies, and concerns that a lack of regulation was allowing corrupt money into the housing market.

Source: Offshore owners of British property to be forced to reveal names | Business | The Guardian

Jul 25

Those were some of the messages from Mr. de Blasio contained in an extraordinary seven-page signed declaration filed late Monday, arguing that he should not be forced to give a deposition as part of a federal lawsuit challenging a city housing policy that gives local residents preference in lotteries for nearby affordable housing. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the policy perpetuates the city’s deeply entrenched patterns of residential segregation — a reality bemoaned by Mr. de Blasio — and have

Source: Mayor de Blasio Pleads Ignorance in Lawsuit Over Housing Policy – The New York Times

Jul 22

Hilda Brucker went down to the municipal court in October 2016 after receiving a phone call. She hadn’t received a formal summons or known of any wrongdoing; instead, she thought she needed to clear a ticket.But when she arrived at the Doraville, Georgia, courthouse, Brucker said she was placed before a judge and prosecutor who accused her of violating city code — because of cracks in her driveway.She was fined $100 and sentenced to six months criminal probation, even though this was the first time she was made aware her driveway was considered a problem.

Source: Georgia city sued by fed-up residents over ‘ridiculous’ fines for chipped paint, driveway cracks | Fox News

Jul 22

“He was very frustrated, very frustrated about the mold in his apartment and how this has been going on for at least since 2016, I think,” said Priscilla Suarez, a former condo board member.

Source: Accused Miami Beach arsonist had serious issues with mold

Jul 21

Micro-units are a trend in urban areas among residents who are willing to trade space for the opportunity to live in a neighborhood they couldn’t otherwise afford. Projects have sprouted up in Wynwood and downtown Miami, as well as in Miami Beach.

Source: Miami Beach debates Town Center height, apartment restrictions | Miami Herald

Jul 19

Apartment buildings are illegal to build in 73.5% of San Francisco

Source: SF Zoning Laws Make It Illegal To Build Apartments In Most Of The City

Jul 19

In this case, the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a Treasury agency known as FinCEN, targeted shell companies using cash to buy homes because those transactions allow buyers to evade so-called “know-your-customer” rules employed by banks. That means the buyers’ identities — and possible connections to criminal activity — could remain secret. The shock to sales caused by the new rule was most pronounced in Miami-Dade, where luxury real estate draws foreign money like a magnet — leading to unaffor

Source: Secret Miami real estate deals took hit after federal crackdown | Miami Herald

Jul 13

A federal judge has ordered an Indianapolis landlord to pay $220,000 for discriminating against a sick tenant. U.S. District Court Judge William T. Lawrence ruled July 3 that Carolyn Smitley must pay about $220,000 in actual and punitive damages for violating the rights of Carolyn McGuffin, who was ill and confined to a hospital bed in her apartment.

Source: Fair Housing Center applauds $220,000 judgment against landlord

Jul 13

A local case between vacation rental platform Airbnb and one of the nation’s largest residential property landlords, Aimco, will move forward after a Miami judge ruled against throwing the lawsuit out this week. Aimco sued Airbnb in February 2017 for allegedly failing to stop its users from subletting apartments at three rental buildings in Miami and Miami Beach: The 471-unit Bay Parc Plaza Apartments at 1756 North Bayshore Dr. in Miami, and the 614-unit Flamingo North Tower and 515-unit Flamingo Center To

Source: Judge won’t dismiss Aimco lawsuit against Airbnb in Miami FL | Miami Herald

Jul 08

The city filed two lawsuits last week against landlords of two property management companies alleging discrimination against prospective tenants who use vouchers to help them pay their rent in a move that brought a swift reaction from Queens lawmakers, according to the Department of Social Services. Elected officials across the city were disheartened to learn that Oxford Realty and Atlas Realty have been accused of discriminating against potential renters who rely on Section 8 and other programs for rental

Source: City files two housing discrimination lawsuits • TimesLedger

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