Jun 30

Despite the flood of store closings in recent years and the growth of online shopping, many retailers are looking to add brick-and-mortar locations.While store closings more than tripled last year to a record 7,000, that number was partly offset by 3,400 store opening announcements, a 50% surge, according to Coresight Research, a retail think tank. In 2018 there have been 4,100 store closing announcements and 1,900 planned store openings.

Source: Which retailers will be moving into all those empty Toys ‘R’ Us stores?

Jun 30

After more than two years of imposing the country’s highest short-term rental fines, Miami Beach is being sued. Miami Beach resident Natalie Nichols, who has managed short-term rentals for more than a decade, sued the city Wednesday seeking a permanent injunction to stop Miami Beach from handing out $20,000 fines to residents found renting their properties on home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway. It is the first lawsuit against the city regarding its short-term rental fines, Miami Beach confirme

Source: Miami Beach sued for high short-term rental, Airbnb fines | Miami Herald

Jun 30

No Savings? No Problem. These Companies Are Helping Home Buyers With Down Payments Yet some worry that helping borrowers could actually exacerbate the housing market’s main problem: a dearth of new homes By Christina Rexrode and Laura Kusisto June 29, 2018 7:00 a.m. ET Reese and Kyle Rademacher weren’t sure how they would afford a down payment to buy a home until their real-estate agent mentioned an offbeat idea: crowdfund the money from friends and family.

Source: No Savings? No Problem. These Companies Are Helping Home Buyers With Down Payments – WSJ

Jun 28

A federal discrimination lawsuit says Bank of America treats foreclosed homes in white communities better than those in minority communities. The Washington Post reports fair housing groups filed suit Tuesday in Maryland accusing the bank and another company that maintains certain Bank of America-owned properties of violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The National Fair Housing Alliance and several housing groups say the lawsuit follows their eight-year investigation of more than 1,600 Bank of America-

Source: Lawsuit: Bank of America treats homes in white areas better | Miami Herald

Jun 24

One of the issues, a curfew for children who can’t even be out on their porch playing after 8 o’ clock at night, simply forced to stay inside.”After a while being under this kind of stress and pressure you decide this is not the property for me and I’m going to move out.” Tamez said.The rules don’t stop there, children under 18 can’t even go into common areas of the property alone, that means no checking the mail, or taking out the trash, which Tamez says is a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Source: Lawsuit claims apartments discriminate against families | WOAI

Jun 23

One portion of the lawsuit even reads, “The city is intentionally trying to lighten black neighborhoods, and the way they have primarily been doing it is through construction of high density, luxury buildings, that primarily only offer studios and one bedrooms.”

Source: How ‘opportunity zones’ can curb gentrification problem | AL.com

Jun 23

Gene Lewis has been a landlord for more than 40 years and has around 100 properties across Minnesota, including some in Le Sueur County. More than in the past, he says he struggles to find tenants who take care of his properties. These days, he said, he spends thousands of dollars between tenants to fix up units, and the day before he talked to MinnPost, he and an employee spent hours removing trash from the yard of one of his units. Lewis says he tries to be understanding, but more tenants today don’t pay

Source: Greater Minnesota’s eviction problem | MinnPost

Jun 17

A 75-year-old woman who needs a cane to get around was jailed in Marietta, Georgia, this week for threatening to report a code enforcement officer to his superiors.

Source: Georgia Cops Jail an Elderly Woman for Mouthing Off to a Code Enforcement Officer – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Jun 16

Cement is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse emissions, making it the world’s second largest industrial source of carbon dioxide, according to the International Energy Agency. Data from the United States Geological Survey — the scientific agency of the US government — reveals that global cement production was responsible for about 4 billion pounds of CO2 emissions in 2017 alone.But a Canadian startup has invented a new system for making concrete that traps CO2 emissions forever and at the same time reduces the need for cement.

Source: This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever

Jun 16

Juwai.com predicts, according to the Wall Street Journal, that Chinese investors will plow $1.5 trillion into assets abroad over the next decade, with about half of that going into foreign property.The exact number of investors in China that have piled into these housing markets is still nebulous, despite some efforts locally to collect data on it. But home prices have soared under this buying pressure of foreign money, and now, after years of denying it, politicians are no longer denying it.

Source: China: investors inflating housing markets in US, Canada, Australia – Business Insider

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