Mar 31

This paper suggests a housing–public transit “grand bargain”—used successfully, on a smaller scale, for Manhattan’s Hudson Yards development and elsewhere—that would help tackle both problems: it would allow larger residential buildings near public transit hubs across New York City in exchange for more money for the MTA. Specifically, it would relax zoning rules in return for one-time fees (“incentive zoning”) and the continuous higher property-tax revenue generated by larger buildings (“tax-increment finan

Source: More Housing For Better Public Transit | Manhattan Institute

Mar 31

On the other side of this parking lot behind the Las Vegas Convention Center, a robot moves at a decidedly more plodding pace. It’s called SAM for short (semi-automated mason), and if it were to enter the competition, it would surely lose. Here at this race, humans are holding off the future with trowel and muscle. But that may not last. Bricklayers are becoming increasingly hard to find nationwide. Despite rising wages, there’s a shortage of workers.

Source: Bricklayers Think They’re Safe From Robots. Decide for Yourself. – The New York Times

Mar 31

Ever since a Google-affiliated company announced that it would be building a “smart city” on the Toronto waterfront, rumours have swirled about what kinds of futuristic tech might be in store.Would there be flying cars like in the Jetsons? Teleportation like in Star Trek? And more importantly, in light of Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of millions of Facebook users’ data, what would the company be doing with all the user information it collects?

Source: Google’s ‘secret’ smart city on Toronto’s waterfront sparks row – BBC News

Mar 31

South Dakota tenants who lie about having a disability to keep a pet in their rental unit will be subject to eviction and fees beginning in July.

Source: Emotional support animals: S.D. landlords can crack down under new law

Mar 31

A Berkeley County couple are accused of setting fire to their apartment last month — days after obtaining a large renter’s insurance policy for the residence and just prior to their eviction.

Source: Couple charged with setting fire to apartment days before their eviction 

Mar 29

The confusing issue and definitions of service animal, assistance and emotional support animals is the focus of the Grace Hill Training Tip of the Week

Source: Confused Over Service, Assistance And Emotional Support Animals?

Mar 25

In 2015, some 2.6 million renters in the United States faced an eviction. About a quarter of all renters spend more than half their income on housing. Although the crisis in evictions and affordable housing has become well known, it’s not just the people losing housing who suffer. “When bad things happen to good people, good tenants, it puts both parties in a difficult situation — the tenant struggling to pay their rent and the landlord struggling to pay their bills,” says Sesko, director of innovation an

Source: Dear landlord – Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

Mar 25

In the exhibition, audio interviews and photographs married with infographics and statistics are designed to highlight the roughly 2.4 million evictions that occur in the United States each year. “The exhibition brings visitors to the intimate, frustrating, painful, and often repeated process of losing everything—furniture, food, heat, school supplies—as a family starts all over, over and over again,” notes a museum press release.

Source: Evictions, Exhibited | Architect Evictions, Exhibited | Architect Magazine 

Mar 25

Advocates for greater investments in mental health are urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York state lawmakers to set aside more money for housing for people with mental illness.

Source: Mental health advocates push for more housing in NY | Miami Herald

Mar 24

The L.A. City Council is continuing to grapple with a housing shortage which has spiked rents and sent more people into homelessness.

Source: LA Considers Ambitious Proposal To Provide Housing For Every Homeless Person

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