Jan 31

“Younger people need some kind of period in their lives in the city where they’ll be able to afford to live (while) building up their resources,” he explains. “They can rent it for six months, one year … and during that time they can build up their resources and get educated, and get training.”

Source: Are these concrete water pipes the answer to housing problems? – CNN Style

Jan 31

A year ago, Joshua To set out to build a 640-square-foot home made of four metal shipping containers in the backyard of his Menlo Park home. A design director for Google by day, To also runs a nonprofit called Soup that uses innovative design to tackle problems such as the Bay Area’s affordable-housing shortage. When I first met To and his wife, Sara, in January 2017, they had just teamed up with Honomobo, a Canadian manufacturer of container and prefab homes. This would be Honomobo’s first permitted container home in California, and an experiment for Soup, to see if containers could provide economical housing at scale.

Source: Bay Area family’s arduous quest to create a backyard container home

Jan 30

The startup, Statecraft, is in its early stages — but it’s got some very big ideas.

Source: Exclusive: New Startup Working on Software to Help Government Fix Housing Problems Enters Y Combinator

Jan 27

Dogs, cats, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, hamsters, marmots, even iguanas? No, you haven’t wandered into a zoo or a pet shop. This is an airline cabin, and those aren’t pets; they’re emotional support animals.

Source: Another View: Delta’s smart move to bar phony support animals

Jan 27

“The same logic should apply to the rental market because all tenants are different,” Lubinsky said. “If the likelihood that you will damage the place is very small and you have a good rental history, you should be rewarded by not having as high a rental deposit as somebody else.”

Source: Rentberry to Introduce Blockchain For Home Rental Deposit Market » Dallas Innovates

Jan 27

Many of the dubious services have online “therapists” who provide documentation that an emotional support pet is needed. Many provide the “doctor’s note” within 24 hours. As I was looking at some of these websites, one was summoning me to register a pet with them via a pop up. They are very persistent. These services provide a method for people to avoid pet fees and a way to have a pet in a residence that does not allow pets. Pet rents range from $25 to $75 monthly and up front pet fees range from $250 to $1000

Source: Popularity of pet-friendly rentals sparks growth in dubious online services – The Washington Post

Jan 26

Tenants’ lawyers could “serve merely to prolong the inevitable through frivolous delaying tactics, so that their client can remain with a roof over their head for as long as possible when there is no justification for their continued tenancy,” Mitchell Posilkin, general counsel for New York’s Rent Stabilization Association, a coalition of landlords, argued during a 2016 public hearing.

Source: ‘People will sign anything’: how legal odds are stacked against the evicted | US news | The Guardian

Jan 25

Frequent flier Michael Sommer loves dogs and regularly walks his dog at his home in Park City, Utah. But don’t get him started about how other fliers avoid a charge by untruthfully claiming they need a service or support dog, or other animal, and bring their pet into the passenger cabin.

Source: Flier’s Uncomfortable Flight Goes From Doggone To $400 In The Pocket

Jan 25

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development’s comments came Wednesday during the Hunger and Homelessness Summit convened by U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy.

Source: Ben Carson says battling drug addiction will help reduce homelessness in Wisconsin, nation

Jan 24

The popularity of pet-friendly apartments has led to development of dubious services on the Internet designed to get owners out of paying high pet fees. The services allow people to obtain phony dog service certification deeming the animal an “emotional support pet,” a designation that not only exempts owners from pet fees but often grants the animal access to rentals that are not pet friendly.

The problem with such efforts is they are sparking more scrutiny from landlords and more calls for increased regu

Source: Popularity of pet-friendly rentals sparks growth in dubious online services – The Washington Post

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