Dec 30

It’s very likely you know someone who has a pet that they misrepresent as a service animal. If an apartment complex does not allow pets, voila, this dog is a service animal specializing in mental health and the apartment management must let him or her live there.Or when you take a quick trip to the grocery store and find it difficult to navigate your cart down the aisle when every sixth person has a dog wearing a service animal vest.

Source: Editorial: Half solutions won’t solve ‘fake’ service animal problem | The Daily Courier | Prescott, AZ

Dec 30

Arizona is considering a law allowing judges to impose fines on people who knowingly misrepresent service animals.

Source: What Is A Service Animal? More States Join The Debate

Dec 28

New Michigan legislation could land pet owners in jail.

Source: Crackdown on fraudulent emotional support animals

Dec 24

The Greenfield Housing Authority has settled a discrimination complaint with the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regarding preferential treatment of English-speaking, white housing applicants compared to Spanish-speaking Latino applicants.

Source: Greenfield Housing Authority settles bias complaint

Dec 23

Convinced that all Seattle landlords harbor racist tendencies deep in their subconscious minds, the city passed a law forbidding them from choosing their own tenants. The new first-in-time law requires landlords to rent to the first financially-qualified tenant who applies. PLF represents landlords of small rental properties in the city who rely in part on their experience and discretion in discerning with whom they want to share their homes. They are suing because the city’s law deprives them of the consti

Source: Yim v. City of Seattle – Pacific Legal Foundation

Dec 23

If you are flying this holiday season and see passengers clearly lying about their “emotional support” pets, please take photos and send them to us at

Source: LYING FLIERS: We Want Your Pics Of Fliers With Emotional Support Dogs In Vests |

Pet allergies are not rare and sometimes life threatening.

Dec 23

A court fight has erupted over Seattle’s demand that landlord’s offer a rental unit to the “first person” who submits a valid application, in essence telling property owners that the city will pick their tenants because they might be hindered by “unconscious bias.” Under Seattle’s “first-in-time” rule, a landlord must offer a rental unit to […]

Source: Seattle to landlords: We’ll pick tenants for you

Dec 21

Second, it seems to be disruptive and potentially destructive of economic value to require independent contractors receiving Forms 1099 to be replaced with employees receiving wages – or to require companies to merge or reconstitute themselves to meet the wage requirement in borderline cases.

Source: Final pass-through rules help some firms more than others

Dec 21

“.Brookings Institution notes as early as the 1970s, middle-class income in the inner cities started to shrink more than anywhere else. Today, in most US inner cities, the cores are more unequal than their surrounding suburbs, noted geographer Daniel Herz.

As the failed American inner city experiment nears the latter stages before a collapsing point, a new report from Time could be the final nail in the coffin for some American inner cities, as the article suggests “cities have already reached ‘Peak Millennial’ as young people begin to leave.” 

Source: Exodus Starts: Millennials Ditch City Life

Dec 19

Bangalore startup SquarePlums is customizing shipping containers to provide affordable housing in India’s Silicon Valley.

Source: Container apartments: The answer to Bangalore’s housing shortage?

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