Feb 06

The commissioner also addressed reports that landlords are keeping apartments vacant following the passage of the new rent law in June.

Source: RuthAnne Visnauskas Says HCR Will Issue New Regulations on Frankenstein Apartments

Feb 06

The city of Miami Beach issued $168,000 in fines related to illegal vacation rentals during Super Bowl weekend, including one party house with four previous citations, and it assessed more violations than the city had in a recent 30-day period.Between the Thursday before the Super Bowl and Monday, the city imposed $168,000 in fines — a total of 17 violations of zoning and city codes.

Source: $168K in fines for Miami Beach short-term Super Bowl rentals | Miami Herald

Jan 23

Source: Opinion | I Helped Expose the Lead Crisis in Flint. Here’s What Other Cities Should Do. – The New York Times


Flint is an extreme case but not unique. A troubling number of cities across the country — Pittsburgh, Chicago, Portland, Ore. — are struggling with elevated lead in their drinking water. It’s one of the legacies of the profit-driven and largely unaccountable lead industry that thwarted science, fought regulations and forced its use in our gasoline, paint and plumbing.

Jan 09

As the city experiences a new wave of gentrification, businesses are shuttering – and nothing is replacing them

Source:  Adrian Daub | Opinion | The Guardian

Jan 08

Senior citizen suspect Robert Thomas was upset about flooding in his unit, so he pulled out a gun.

Source: Video shows Las Vegas man, 93, open fire on apartment maintenance worker

Jan 05

“I think it’s part of a broader contempt that government officials have for renters,” he continues. “A lot of it is aimed at pushing landlords out as well. A lot of cities are hostile towards rental properties and their ‘less desirable’ occupants [compared to] owner occupants. Both sides of the transaction are being punished.”

Source: Crime-Free Housing Ordinances Are Spreading, but Some Groups Are Fighting Back – Next City

Dec 28

But his family arrived in Los Angeles at a time of discrimination in housing and mortgage lending, which largely restricted black families to certain neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.Through a practice known as redlining, real estate agents and lenders marked these neighborhoods as areas undesirable for investment, preventing residents there from obtaining home loans.

Source: Black, Homeless and Burdened by L.A.’s Legacy of Racism – The New York Times

Dec 15

Two years after New York became the first city in the United States to guarantee legal representation for every tenant facing eviction, four more cities have followed suit, and a bill has been introduced to Congress that would help provide lawyers in even more cities.

Source: Is Tenants’ Right to Counsel On Its Way to Becoming Standard Practice? – Next City

Dec 14

The giant spaces that once housed a single anchor tenant are being reconfigured to attract multiple smaller shops. Empty stores are being filled with new kinds of tenants–hospital offices, pop-up shops for digital brands and even sports centers.

Source: Here’s how malls with dead stores are finding new tenants | WHNT.com

Dec 14

Property owners once saw short-term rental listing sites like Airbnb Inc. as a threat. Now, some are embracing them. Startups like Sonder Corp., Domio Inc. and Lyric Hospitality Inc. typically lease blocks of furnished apartments on the same floor or even entire buildings under long-term deals. Then they turn around and rent them out to travelers for stays of a few weeks or as short as one night.

Source: In the Airbnb Era, Apartment Landlords Are the New Hoteliers – WSJ

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